Hogwarts- The experience

This is a Harry Potter based forum RPG! You will attend classes, interact with other students, and explore the grounds!
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We will not start classes UNTIL we get all of our needed professors (I.E if no one signs up for the class, we don't need that professor at the moment) and at least twenty students. Enjoy please!

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 Getting started

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Koehl Saevar

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PostSubject: Getting started   Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:40 pm

Hello, and welcome to Hogwarts - The Experience! Here are a few things to get you started!

1. Register of course!

2. Your username MUST be the name of your character! No more than three characters per person (I.E seperate accounts) please.

3. Post your selections into the sorting hat! One of our admins will sort you from there.

4. Post your profile in the profile page!

5. You MUST sign up for at least 3 classes to pass the year!

6. Please PLEASE be nice and considerate to EVERYONE, no matter the year (Note: everyone for the first year (six months) will be a first year. After February first, we will change your years!)

7. Once you pass your seventh year, you have the option of

A) Apply for an apprentice ship with one of the professor's.

B) Restart all over again.

C) Request to stay a seventh year.

If you think there should be more, please owl me.

8. Post much, and have fun!
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Getting started
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